Tuesday, February 26, 2008

10 things about me

1- When I was 16 I cut the tip of my right hand middle finger off working in a rainbow snow shack. (Luckily it was able to be reattached)

2- I'm a sugar addict, which I shouldn't be because I am hypoglycemic.

3- I become a bit obsessive over things that I love.

4- I go through clean and messy stages in my house, this is how it works; I'm in cleaning mode, and the house is beautiful. Then I am in creating mode and my house turns into a disaster, I'm talking, huge piles of dishes, toys everywhere, like 7 or 8 loads of wash to do (with my children and husband asking where their clothes are), huge junk piles, oh plus my creating mess all over the living room. Then I get so sick of it that I get into cleaning mode again, and so on , and so on.
Can you say a bit unbalanced? It even drives me nuts.

5- Although I love my three beautiful girls so much, sometimes I wish I could take a break from being a mom.

6- I like to have time alone, I've always been kindof a loner.

7- I love buying children's books, my husband thinks some of them are odd.

8- I can spend hours and hours on etsy looking at all of the beautiful handmade things.

9- I'm obsessed with vintage fabric, I have to have it all, I guess this reverts back to #3.

10- I'm a shopoholic, although a lot of the stores that I love, I never buy anything because, let's face it I'm not rich. But I love these stores because I find something really cool and I go home and make my version of it.


John, Amy, and Penelope said...

do you remember that I also worked in that little snowcone shack? i totally forgot until i read your #1. speaking of shopping - have you been to whimsy cottage? oh, you must go. you would love it.

Kimmy Sunshine said...

I love finding out more about you.