Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Scrappy skirt tutorial

Here is my entry for the Sew mama Sew scrap buster contest. A scrappy skirt for little girls!

Here is what you will need:

*fabric scraps of course

* 3/4" wide elastic, I like the no roll kind


* lace for the bottom

First, dump out your scraps, it seems I have acquired a mountain of them.

Sorry the pictures aren't the best, I took them after my children were in bed because this skirt is a Christmas present for one of my girls.

You need to piece together fabrics so they are 44-45" wide. The length is determined by how long you want the finished skirt plus 2".

I wanted my skirt to have a 14" finished length, so, I wanted my fabric to be 45" wide by 16" long.

I pieced my fabrics in strips first using my serger, you could use a sewing machine, it would just take a bit longer because you probably want to zigzag the edges so they don't fray all over.

Then I pieced all the strips together again with a serger. I ended up with not enough width, so I had to piece more strips to add to get the full 45" width.

After I had a big enough piece of fabric, I carefully folded it in half and then trimmed it to the size I needed it.

Now, you'll have to excuse me I got a bit excited and forgot to take some pictures of the last steps I did. After trimming my fabric to the size I needed, I first added lace to the bottom again with the serger. Then I folded my piece in half right sides together and serged it into a tube. Then you turn it right side out and it should look like the picture above.

Now for the waistband. First fold the skirt's top edge 1/2" towards the wrong side of the fabric and press.

Now fold it over again 7/8" and press.

Now, you will stitch the waistband's lower folded edge, leaving about a 2" opening to put the elastic in.

Cut a piece of elastic your desired length, I usually just wrap the elastic around my girl's waist and cut it a couple inches shorter than their waist. I use a large safety pin attached to the end of the elastic to guide the elastic in the waistband casing. At this point, I will pin the ends of the elastic together and try the skirt on the girl it is intended for and make any adjustments to the elastic length that I need to. Then I sew together the elastic with a zigzag stitch. And stitch the casing closed.

And now you have a finished scrappy skirt!


Whosies said...

cute stuff amy. i might have to give this a go. thanks for sharing!!

tara said...

My scrap basket is out of control. And I have 3 girls. Hmmm...Great project.

the mama monster said...

very cute!

Gail said...

Hi there! I love, LOVE this skirt .... my own sewing skills are really poor.... but I may give this a go!

kathleen said...

sooo cute! :)

i'm jefra... said...

this is the awesomest!

Karin said...

Cute skirt, Amy. I bet little girls love skirts like that!

Jessie said...

ooohhh, I love this! I *wish* my daughter would still wear skirts!

Jennadesigns said...

I am definitely making one of these for my daughter for Christmas too! Thanks for a great tutorial.

Laura said...


heather said...

I wanted to make my friend's daughter a skirt for her first birthday, but didn't have a lot of yardage in the fabrics I wanted to use. This is just the thing I was looking for. Thanks for the great tutorial!

Keri Mae said...

Hello! This project looks SO great! Thanks for sharing it; I have four girls :) And I'm really enjoying your playlist, too. I'm letting it play while I go check out other blogs :)

Keri Mae

Denise said...

this is the first time i'v seen a scrappy skirt look doable for even me!

Operation Sweet Dreams said...

I've been wanting to make something cute and useful for my daughter out of my scraps... this is perfect! Thanks for sharing!!

Judy said...

I love this! I don't see why older girls can't enjoy/wear this pattern, too! As a matter of fact, I think I'll make up one and wear it to the next meeting of my favorite quilting group!! Thanks again for sharing it!

Emilia said...

So super cute! I came from allfreesewing. Gives me somebody ideas!