Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Flower headband tutorial

Good for making cute girls look even cuter, or even yourself!
Also good for being crafty really easily!

*Elastic headbands, I bought a 6 pack of them at Wal-Mart, I got the ones with the non-slip stuff on them.
*Silk flowers, I got mine at Robert's craft store, using coupons for some of them.
* felt, I had some on hand, you just need a tiny bit, just one 9 x 12 inch piece or whatever size it is sold in will be more than enough.
* hot glue gun

Pull the flowers off the stems and trim off that pokey out part.
I should also mention, when you are selecting your flowers at the store, I would look at the backs of them just to make sure they don't have a ginormous back on them, hopefully you'll see what I mean. I just think if the back pokes out too much, it may not work as well, just sayin'.

Now, cut a piece of felt big enough for your flower or flowers to fit on, but you don't want to be able to see it after all the flowers are on there. Hope that makes sense.

Run a line of hot glue across the middle of your felt to attach your headband, if you have the non-slip stuff on your headband, then put that facing down on the line of glue.
Then glue your flowers on top of that! (Sorry, I didn't take a picture of that)

Now you have a cute headband!
Of course before you put it on someones head let the hot glue cool, you wouldn't want any burnt little heads!

Here's all of ours! So stinkin cute I think!
I had a hard time picking out a variety of flowers, they all ended up being Ranunculus.
Oh well, that's my favorite flower anyway! At least we got a couple different sizes!

Now go forth and make headbands!


dana said...

CUTE! I especially love your flower choice. (some people choose the cheapest lookin things. These are great! they fit the vintage fern vibe :) )

Jessica and Tim said...

Okay, I so love these headbands. Sage looks adorable. I can't wait till Jaisey gets more hair and I can use these.

MLE said...

What a great idea! And it's so easy! Thanks for the tutorial.

Whosies said...

cuteness. i will have to try it.

tara said...

Great project. With 3 girls I might just have to make some of these.

Anonymous said...

Very cute! I made something similar for my daughter a while ago on a stiff headband, but I'm liking it better on a stretchy one!

Andrea McMann said...

How adorable! I don't know if my picky daughter would wear it, but it would definitely be worth a try! Thanks!! :)

Outofmymind said...

The dollar store has quite a few flowers in bunches which gives you more flowers for your buck

Angela (from Coupon Makeover) said...

I came over from brown paper packages,and I can't wait to try these (they are much simpler to make than ones I have seen before). LOVE IT!

Valerie said...

Love this! Thanks so much for sharing! I have filed this away at thecraftersfilebox.blogspot.com.

Thanks so much for sharing!

Angie and Mike said...

Where did you find your flowers? I really like them and would love to get the same ones. :) Thanks for the great post.

Amy said...

I got my flowers at Roberts Craft store in Utah. And Thanks!

A Stitch in Time said...

am curious after some time if the flowers don't start to come apart in layers....hope that makes sense. When you clip the back doesn't the flower start to come apart?

Amy said...

They are usually okay, plus they are being glued down. Once in awhile I will have a problem right after I snip them, but I just glue it together, I have never had one fall apart after its made into a headband.

singapore florist said...

wow thanks you made an example with yellow flowers which is my favorite color.