Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Sewing slump!

For the past few weeks I have not really felt like sewing. I don't know if it is because I have been sick, or just maybe I needed a break from sewing, or maybe I have been spending too much time online, or maybe a combination of all. It is frustrating me so very much. I am going to try making myself and my children some things since it has been awhile since I have. I'm hoping this will help to get me excited about sewing again. Not that sewing is not exciting, one minute you have a piece of fabric and then you cut it, sew it, and you have something cool and useful. So my next few posts will probably be about what I have been creating for myself or my children. So last night I made myself a skirt, it turned out really cool I think. This fabric came from a bedspread that I bought at Urban Outfitters in the clearance section for $5 and the trim on the bottom was thrifted. Maybe this sewing for myself thing will get me out of this slump!


Becky said...

ok. no garage sale. it is going to be 40 for the HIGH! yikes. maybe in a couple of weeks. cute skirt. i am not so daring as to make myself things. just quilts.