Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Rooms in the Pocket People's house

So this is each room of the pocket people's house, Soooooooo cute! I wish I had toys like this when I was little. I spent most of my nights last week making all the furniture, it was fun to do something other than sewing! The walls in the house are covered in vintage contact paper, and Martha Stewart wrapping paper that I found on clearance at Michael's for $1 a package! The furniture was just blocks and things I found at Micheal's that I painted and mod podged scrapbook paper onto, except for the sofa and chair which I just kindof made up as I went. I used all vintage fabrics for the mattresses and blankets and tiny pillows. All the little tiny things like the tea set and food I found at Hobby Lobby. Such a fun project and my children love it!


Rebecca said...

oh my gosh!! i love how the furniture turned out!!!! LOVE IT did sooo good. thanks for the mention on the pocket people too. i love my stuff i got and the girls love their shirts.

elizabeth said...

Lord, those are fabulous! you are so creative! all the tiny accessories, things stacks on the hutch, so sweet. these are just the things I would have liked as a child as well. Hooray for somethign lightyears better than a blinking plastic noisemaker!

Stephanie said...

fabulous, fabulous, fabulous!!!