Friday, April 4, 2008

Thrift finds of the week!

So I know I have missed a couple days which screwed up my new schedule, but my camera has been other places. I thought I would share with you my thrift finds for the week. All of which cost about $20!
*A great vintage tablecloth that I think I"ll make into a skirt, because there is some minor damage.
* a very cool never been used vintage apron
*a vintage map book that I thought would make cool wrapping paper
* a vintage pillowcase and two sheets for my pillowcase dresses that I make
* and my favorite are these great glasses which my husband calls goblets, Say goblets, it's not a very pretty word, goblets, goblets, goblets, anyways... I love these glasses they are pressed glass. I have always admired the beautiful glasses at Anthropologie that are pressed glass that are something like $8 a piece, that I could never afford to buy, so I was excited to find these for 50 cents a piece plus 2 little creamers or whatever their name is, anyways I imagine having breakfast outside with maple syrup and buttermilk syrup in them for some pancakes or my husband's french toast. Mmmm buttermilk syrup that is a whole new post by itself.
I hope you all have a great weekend, and don't forget to sign up for my giveaway!


Dana said...

Great finds! I too love the goblets. And, the old tablecloth and apron are to die for. I have been stockpiling old linens for awhile and plan to make a quilt. Thanks for sharing.

Kindra said...

What great bargain finds! They all have that fun vintage look! The glasses look fun!