Friday, May 2, 2008

3 of my favorite people

These are my three daughters,(from left to right, Jade, Sage, Kinsley) this picture was taken last August after Aunt Cari did their hair and makeup. They felt so pretty. Let me just say, my children do not wear makeup, only when their aunt puts it on without my permission! Anyways, I think they are 3 of the most beautiful girls ever! Each with their own unique personality.

Kinsley my oldest: a leader, kindof goofy, likes to do things her own way,
loves to do anything creative, I mean this kid is amazingly creative,
she was drawing pictures that you could tell what they were before she was 2!
She also builds really cool "mouse houses" as she calls them with sticks.
Jade my middle child: very sensitive to her own and others feelings, smiles a lot!
(My favorite is when I pick her up from school and she is running towards me with
a huge smile on her face yelling Mommeeeee!), she loves to sing, she has even sung a
solo at a church program in front of hundreds of people, loves to cuddle
Sage my youngest: The comic of the family, always doing or saying something funny,
also loves to sing, I am always catching her singing, very headstrong( I think this will
be a blessing later in life), very loving, she gives the best hugs, (sometimes with her
whole body, she will wrap her arms and legs around me and just squeeze.)


elizabeth said...

Adorbale! and I hope this doesn't sound odd, but what nice, different names.

Claire said...

You have three beautiful daughters Amy, I hope that one day if we're lucky enough to have children, they will be as cute! Hope that your swap parcel has arrived, I got mine this week, thank you so much! x

Tammy said...

Your daughters are adorable! I love what you wrote about each of them. Such a proud and loving mom. It was so wonderful when my nearly 16 yr. old daughter would get so excited every time she saw me. aaahhh...those were the days. Cherish them.