Monday, May 12, 2008

My vintage swap

Last week I recieved my vintage swap in the mail from Pinky and Boo! Everything is so cute! She made this cute apron with some embroidery on it, a pin cushion out of a vintage tea cup(look at the cute bird resting on it!), she sent a cute book, which I am excited to read (haven't had time yet) some delish chocolate, which I have to admit is already gone, I did share..... a little. Some vintage embroidery transfers, and some beautiful vintage napkins which I will happily add to my collection! So cute! What happy mail!

I have been tooo busy, I am now finally done with all my craft shows, one was horrible, two were really good, and the one over the weekend was my best ever! I am so excited to recieve my check for that one! Pay off some bills, put some money away, buy some more supplies, and I already bought myself a cute dress to celebrate. I am very glad they are all over now. I have about a month break before the farmer's markets start up. I have a couple orders to finish and then I am taking a sewing break at least for a week. (Which is a long time for me!)


Rebecca said...

i missed the art market :( cute stuff from the trade. lucky you!

Claire said...

Glad you liked the parcel - I have my first craft fair this weekend - still need more time! Enjoy your rest