Friday, May 30, 2008


So I just thought I would share with you what my living room has turned into in the past few days. This isn't even all of it, there is a bit more scattered throughout the house, and some outside in my shed and in my trailor. Tommorrow I am having a Garage Sale/Craft Show/Selling my Wedding Business sale. That is right I said selling my wedding business. I don't think this is something I have written about before. I have not only made Wedding Cakes, but since like 2003 or so I have had a wedding decorating business. My husband is very happy I am selling it, (I turn into a not happy person when I do a wedding). I actually have been trying to sell it for awhile as a whole with no luck, so now I am selling it off piece by piece. So for the garage sale, I have been going through mountains of stuff to find mostly the small things to sale, the larger things I will be listing online. I'm a bit excited to see how tommorrow goes, I have never in my life had this much stuff to sell at a yard sale. Maybe it will help with the bill we will get for our van that is in the shop! (Who knew that to fix a door would be $670?) Plus our sliding door on the van needs fixed too, we don't know how much that will be yet, cross your fingers for us! HAVE A GREAT WEEKEND! I know I will, getting rid of stuff always feels great!
Oh! I was going to say too, do you see in the corner of the picture, my children trying to play in the mountain-o-yard sale stuff! I think it's kindof funny!


Rebecca said...

funny- mine isn't nearly that bad!! good luck tomarrow. maybe i'll pop in

Kitten's Lost Her Mittens said...

Wish I could stop by your sale!

Janet McKinney said...

oh - I love a garage sale with fabrics, and crafty stuf... but it is a bit far from Australia isn't it!