Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Etsy Day- Pamela Michelle

I just love these hand painted, cut, and etched necklaces. There are so many cute ones, birds, owls, flowers, I have come so close to buying one many times but can't decide which is my favorite. Go here to check them out!
On another note, what do you think the chances are of having one car in the shop and then the other one's starter going bad? Well this has happened to us. Good thing my husband has a company vehicle that he drives to work. Also good that I don't have anything going on that I need a car. You just have to laugh at life sometimes :)


elizabeth said...

That so reminds me of childhood. I had a box of costume jewelry that was my great aunt's that my mother had also played with as a child. there were quite a few butterflies and this would've fit right in.