Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Hamburger and Fries!

Not the best picture (pre-digital days), but you get the idea! I thought this was very appropriate for summer! Hamburger cakes were always fun to make!
I may be making fewer posts, I am trying to get used to doing the Farmer's Market, it keeps me really busy, and this week the other one that I like to do starts! Two farmer's markets a week! I think I'm crazy:) It's fun though!


Melody said...

Well isn't this cute! My kids would LOVE it. You did an EXCELLENT job on it.

What do you sell at the Farmer's Market?

elizabeth said...

great job! my mum made one for my dad when we were kids and now we're all in our twenties and it's still the most talked about cake. yours looks awesome! I'm tagging you for a -five things- meme. rules and stuff at my blog: Can't wait to see your answers!