Thursday, July 31, 2008

Young Designers!

Today, I let my two oldest daughters design their own girly shirt, they picked everything, the fabrics, the ribbons, and the color for the shoulder ties. I think that they both turned out so stinkin cute! Now, I will explain why my youngest daughter was not able to do this. Sage is the most stubborn person I know. This whole entire week (so that would be 4 days so far) she has been freaking out about her clothes. She refuses to get dressed, she says that she has no clothes and that they are all itchy. If she does get dressed, she will wear them for just a little bit and then decides she hates them, or she'll just immediately take them off. Sometimes she even freaks out about her underwear, so this whole week, she has for the most part sat in her room in her underwear or in her birthday suit. We have tried everything, I have even spanked her little butt, and I am really not a spanker. She has sat in her room for hours on end because I have told her she cannot come out until she is dressed. I have tried being nice, I have tried sitting down with her and having a prayer to ask for help for her and for me. (Which I think I needed more than her) At least it has not been as bad as the first day was, she was basically crying all day long and at one point, she chucked a brush at our new TV and made a small crack in it. Which reminds me, we also took away her TV privledges for awhile.
Maybe we have gotten through to her finally because as I am typing this she has finally gotten dressed for the day and is outside playing happily. We'll see how tommorrow goes. I think we are in for it when she is a teenager.

Sorry for my ramblings, this whole situation has seemed to take over my life momentarily. I should say that Sage really is an awesome little girl and I love her very much.


elizabeth said...

1. Those are adorable. The right one, in her sweet little pose! 2. Tell Sage that Jesus ran around in heavy itchy robes everyday and didn't complain one bit.
Okay, that's my unsolicited parenting blurb for today, haha!
Kids can be so trying, can't they? Isn't itr silly the things you find yourself having to say? Like: you can't come out until you're dressed? Or: vegetables don't go in the pool.......?

Rebecca said...

veggies in the that's funny. good luck with the streaking one. i would have thought make yourself something new would have worked too. hmmmm.. i'll think about it some more.... good luck. oh, love the others though. very cute.

megan said...

oh Amy - bloody kids eh!
my daughter Molly has driven me crazy in her time moaning about her waistbands hurting her and her knickers have to be big ole granny pants!!!! she is over it now but it used to drive me nuts - maybe Sage has really sensitive skin?
dress her in a SILK kaftan?!