Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Dress shopping

I went to shopping last night. Instead of finding what I went looking for, I brought these dresses home for my girls, I couldn't help myself. It started with the blue one, I fell in love with it, it is velvet, has puffy sleeves with a little ruffly collar. The black one is sparkly and ruffly. And I love the black and yellow flowers. Although I love all of them, my favorite is the blue one. I get a bit excited when I find clothes for my girls that look exactly like something that I would wear. My Mom laughs at me because she says I dress my girls in clothes that I would wear. I say it's cute and why would I dress them in Character Crap or something way too cutesy that makes me want to gag?


elizabeth said...

Character Crap!! Hahaha! LMSO ('S' for socks. I like it better than 'A' I think.)
I feel the same way about Character Crap!