Monday, August 4, 2008

Vintage Patchwork Scarf

I am feeling yet again in a sewing rut. It sucks, and I can't be in a rut because I have so much to do! So today I made something new. I have been wanting to make one of these scarves for some time now, I think it turned out so colorful and fun! The patched pieces are all from vintage linens and the back (which you can see a tiny bit poking out at the top) is a vintage floral flannel. I didn't really plan it out at all, I just freehand cut pieces and pieced them together on a base of muslin, then after I was all done piecing, I squared it up and sewed on the flannel, turned it right side out and top stiched around the edges! I have a small update on the lame guy that hit my husbands work van, our mailbox, and our van.
The guy recieved a DUI. So, I was told that if the city prosecutes him, they will also seek restitution for the damages he caused, which may make it easier for us to get the money to pay for the damages. We'll see! LAME PEOPLE THAT DRIVE UNDER THE INFLUENCE! (I actually hope that this was a wake up call for him! He has screwed himself over! I'm glad I'm not in his shoes!) HAVE A GREAT DAY!