Monday, September 8, 2008

Peaceful Day

So, my life has been a bit crazy busy lately, and I have decided to take charge of it again. So today I didn't do any sewing (which is the reason for the crazy busyness) Today I needed to go to the Post Office which just happens to be down the street from my house, so Sage and I walked. It was the perfect day outside. Across from the Post Office is our church that has a really big front grass area with some of the coolest trees. So we had a little photo shoot in the over 100 year old Alice in Wonderland looking trees.Then, we walked down the street a bit to a fun store called All Tucked In, where I found this cute Halloween book. Humbug Witch by Lorna Balian ISBN 1-932065-32-6
Originally published in 1965, I just love the illustrations.
My two youngest daughters started their singing group today, on the way back we stopped at the side of the road and bought some local apples. Perfect, Laid back, Autumn Day


elizabeth said...

That really sounds perfect.

Jessica said...

I would pay big money for a day like that. I'm way jealous!