Wednesday, October 22, 2008


Here's a cake I made last fall for someone my husband works with at the fire station.
Fall time is so beautiful and is a lovely time to get married. I thought I might miss making cakes more than I do, but truthfully I really don't miss it, I had a blast making cakes for what, I think it was 9 years, but it was definitely time to move on. Although I will still make cakes for family. Some random things that have been on my mind:

1. I've been really nervous lately, not for really any reason, I just can't stop biting the inside of my cheeks (that's what I do when I'm nervous) Solution: I think I need to not eat so much sugar, start working out, maybe some yoga, oh and maybe a bit more sleep.

2. My whole take on this whole our country is going into recession. It's the Lord's way of humbling us, for too long has the majority of people just been spending, spending, spending, and going into debt. It's gotten way out of hand. Just live within your means people. Enough said.

3. Why is it that every time I get a cold it always turns into a sinus infection?

4. Aren't these deer so cute? I bought them to make necklaces for my three girls for Christmas. This year is going to be a mostly handmade Christmas. I have some fun things planned, I will share them as I get to them!

5. Why oh why can I not keep my house clean? Clean one minute, a disaster the next I tell you. Such a viscous cycle!
6. I'm making the most awesome Christmas ornaments for upcoming shows, I will show pictures when I finish them.
7. I was at the book store today and I want this book!

And here is a random picture for you, my husband and I at Six Flags in Denver. When we went to get this picture my husband told the girl working there that he wanted me to look like a whore. I think I even got a couple whistles from guys passing by, kindof funny. I did have my swimsuit on underneath there with the straps to my top all tucked in, I still felt a bit naked though, which is funny because I was more covered in this than my swimsuit. That's enough ramblings for now, I should go to bed.


x vInTaGe VioLeT x said...

great photo of you and mr.fern!

those fawns are so cute.

i feel restless and unsettled too - changing seasons?

and i always get sinusitus with a cold . . . grrr

chin up chick!