Monday, October 27, 2008

Weekend Adventure

Over the weekend, we stayed in Park City, which is about a 40 minute or so drive from our home. We went up later Friday night, played all day Saturday, took the kids to Beverly Hills Chihuahua (I'm glad our kids liked that movie, because talking dog movies are not my husband and I's favorite thing). We did some shopping, and just hung out. On the way back to the condo, waiting at the light, the nice lady in the car next to us got my attention, she informed us that we had some fluid leaking out of our van. We stop and realize that it is antifreeze leaking out of a hole in a pipe just under the driver's side door. We found an auto parts store (apparently the only one in Park City), but of course they were already closed, and they were not open the next day (Sunday). Next to the auto part store was a convenience store where we were able to get antifreeze and some patching tape, so we were hoping that would at least get us home because Casey had to work today (Monday). We were able to make it back to the condo right before our van overheated. I called my Dad to see if he had any ideas, my Mom and Dad ended up coming up Sunday morning with some things to see if we could just fix our van up enough to be able to get it home. After about 3 hours, a trip to Wal-mart to buy a hacksaw and some bolts, our van was able to make it home without any leaking fluids or overheating, which I was really grateful for. What I was even more grateful for, was that my parents let us take their car so that we could finish out our plans we had for Sunday before we came home, and they braved the drive home with our van that could possibly leak fluids out and overheat.

What I think is even cooler about this story: the whole reason we even went to Park City was that my parents had timeshare time that was going to expire soon so they offered it to us. We had tried to book places that were further away like Denver, Colorado or St. George, Utah. Which are more like 10 hours and 6 hours away instead of 40 minutes. But everything was booked already, so Park City is was. Can you imagine the time we would have had if our van had broke down on the way to Colorado? I know our family was being watched over and I know it is because we pay our tithing . Our family has felt so many blessings because of tithing, I am very grateful for it. I am also very grateful to have family nearby that will always help us out.

Besides our vehicle problems we had a wonderful, relaxing time this weekend, it is always fun to get away, I am happy to be able to sleep in my own, nice comfy bed again though.

Now, I get to go take my van to be fixed, always my favorite thing to do! ha ha:)

I hope you had a nice weekend! and here is today's daily photo: