Thursday, March 19, 2009


I just finished up a batch of pillowcase dresses in preparation for all my shows coming up. If you live in or are visiting Utah I have links in my sidebar for all of them. Pillowcase dresses are one of my favorite things to make, I get to look at all the pretty vintage linens, and you may think I am wierd, but I love the way they smell when I am ironing them:)

My first show starts tommorow in Lehi, Sweet Tweets Boutique.


amylouwho said...

good luck! My mom is in Draper - I should send her over!

Cari said...

I so wish I lived in Utah right now!!

I have a question. How did you attach the doilies to your daughter's dresses in your header picture? I have a ton of doilies that my grandmother has given me through the years and I thought this is the perfect way to showcase them. Great idea!

Amy @ Park City Girl said...

You are a machine! That's a ton of great dresses :)