Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Cute Girls

We had a lovely Easter, the sun was shining, we spent time with Family, just a lovely day.

Today I am not feeling the same way. I am sitting here in my breakfast nook that needs a new roof because it's leaking, it keeps finding different spots to leak at, DARN ROOF!
I will tell you, this blog is a very small window into my life, and I like to focus on the positive things here. It helps me get through the hard things.
But, the past couple months have been a serious struggle. We have been without part of our income since January, partly because of circumstances beyond our control. We will soon be having that income again, but it's put a huge strain on us financially. At the same time, it's also made me realize how much I can actually live without, which I think is good. It's also made me realize that I need to actually sit down and make a budget, and that I want to have a good deal amount of money saved which I have never been good at. Even though it's been a struggle as of lately, I know that everything is going to be okay, we pay our tithing which I believe is such a blessing for our family, I feel like it is insurance. We may only have a small amount of money left after paying bills, but as long as we pay our tithing we have what we need.

I have sat here a few times writing different posts about what has been happening to our family, and then haven't posted them, I don't feel like I am the best writer and I can never truly convey what I am thinking or feeling. I still am not sure if this post does. Just so this post isn't all sad I wanted to share things that I am grateful for today: (in no particular order)

* I am grateful that my husbands paycheck was deposited today
* I am grateful that we have a bit of money to hopefully fix the stupid leaking roof
* I am grateful that it is not the whole roof that needs fixed, just part of it.
* That our mortgage payment is less than what most people even pay for rent.
* We had a good amount of food storage that has gotten us through these past couple months
* I am grateful that we have had the money for things that have come up like fixing both of our vehicles.
* I'm grateful that we are healthy
*That both of our cars are payed for
* I am grateful that I have a hobby that also brings in extra income
* I am grateful that I have what seems like one million shows coming up to help us get out of this financial hole, even though that is stressing me out too.
* I am grateful that my youngest daughter Sage gives me random hugs all day when it's just me and her.
* I am grateful for my husband
* I am grateful for my three beautiful girls
* I am grateful for all the love that is in our home.
* I am grateful for the random "I love you Mom" that I receive throughout the day from all three of my girls.
* I am grateful that I have a testimony of the gospel.
* I am grateful for a loving Heavenly Father that knows what lessons I need to learn
* I am grateful for Family
* I am grateful for prayer
* I am grateful for laughter


amylouwho said...

The dresses are even cuter on!

I hear ya with everything else. Thanks for the grateful list - it's nice to be reminded on the not so nice days that there are some truly valuable things to be grateful for.

today was not a stellar day around here.

Vintagesquirrel said...

Thanks for posting this. I, too, try to post 'the good stuff.' But I've found that it's the difficult stuff that really brings us together.

Your girls look absolutely precious in their dresses. You appear to have your priorities in the right order.


MLE said...

Your girls are too cute!

Dana said...

Tough times really stink but make the good times all the sweeter. When I was younger and newly married I never really thought about or considered the fact that we would face tough times. But oh how we have and do and will. You seem to have a great perspective. Hang in there!!

Whosies said...

i am continually reminded that being poor is hard work. we will do good at the shows....we will, we will!! thanks for sharing and then understanding a few of us at the same time :)

dana said...

The dresses look even cuter on! I'm sure your girls loved them.