Monday, April 6, 2009

Easter Dress #1

After I finished this slip dress I was too excited not to share it. This one is for Jade my middle daughter. I started with a thrifted slip and added more length with a ruffle at the bottom, then added vintage lace and ribbons and a couple brightly colored crocheted doilies that I purchased on Etsy awhile back with this in mind. And a ruffle down the front!

Now I'm thinking I want a new Easter slipdress for myself.


Whosies said...

love the dress and the bunnies from earlier. i can't get away with doing cute things like that dress--honey is Very oppinionated in the clothing area. not sure what the deal is. lucky you. oh, i am in a bit of a panic mode. how do you do both shows on the same weekend? yikes! how about setting up and down too? let me know the tricks...please :)