Thursday, April 2, 2009


Spring flowers for a shirt for myself

Flowers for new bags that I am working on.
I'm so ready for spring!

Things that have made me giggle this morning:
Sage took her Book of Mormon for show and teach today at preschool, I'm glad she likes her scriptures :)
On the way home from preschool Sage was eating some jelly beans she got and the first one she said tasted like soap, I hate those kind, why do jelly bean makers even make that flavor, I am not even sure what flavor it is actually supposed to be. That's why I only buy the Starburst jelly beans.

Is Easter really 10 days away? I better get working on my girl's Easter dresses! I'm making them embellished slip dresses, oh the sweetness they will be!


Amber said...

You should enter your flower creations into Sew Mama Sew's contest - very cute!

amylouwho said...

I only buy starburst jelly beans too! I really don't care for the others at all.