Tuesday, May 26, 2009

First finished quilt and other stuff.

I finished, I finished! It just came out of the dryer and I LOVE it!
My very first all the way finished quilt!
Sorry, I had to take a picture of it in the shade, it was way too sunny on the wall I like to take pictures on.

The back is even cute! Now what quilt shall I finish next?
Maybe my Mod Sampler. I just have to put the outside sashing pieces on it and piece the back for it.

We weeded, tilled, and planted our garden on Saturday! We timed it perfect, as soon as we got done, it started sprinkling a bit. It might seem really late, but this is Utah people :) I think our last frost date is something like May 15th. I love having a garden even though I still don't really know what I am doing. We planted tomatoes for tomato basil sauce, little tiny orange tomatoes, which are my fave, three different kinds of peppers, beans, cucumbers, basil, thyme, and some marigolds. At the back, we have a row of raspberry bushes that we planted last year that are doing really well, we had a couple die last year after we transplanted them from my parent's, but we had quite a few shoots this year that we moved, hopefully they will work, we should have moved them a couple of months ago. We also have oregano and chives.

And we have a friend in the garden too. Yesterday we took the kid's to A Night at the Museum, the kids liked it, it was a good show. All in all we had a nice weekend, which was needed, we had a crappy thing happen last week that effects our family in a big way, but we are okay. This is where I should insert that our little family is amazingly blessed because we are, even when crappy situations get thrown at us. Enough of that, on to the happy quilt!

Today I cut my strips for Dana's quilt along. I'm so glad I chose these fabrics, I love them.
Now I must go for I have children in need of being picked up from school soon.
I hope you had a nice Memorial day weekend!


Jessica said...

That quilt turned out GREAT!!! I absolutely love the fabrics you chose for it...and for the quiltalong, too!

MLE said...

Pretty quilt! Is it the mixtape pattern from Oh, Franson? I have that pattern, but I haven't made a quilt from it yet. Nonetheless, yours looks great! I also need to make the mod sampler! Your fabrics for the quilt along are so pretty!!

Dana said...

GREAT quilt. Beautiful yard. Fabulous gnome. And that stack of fabric is killer. I can't wait to see your finished quilt.

Sorry your family has hit a rough patch. Hang in there!

amylouwho said...

What a great first quilt! Is that from the Oh Fransson quilt along? I need to do one of those - SO cute!

I need a garden gnome - did you borrow him from travelocity? hehehehe

I need to cut my strips for Dana's quilt this week. I've been working on my bird quilt from January tonight. maybe I'll cut stuff up tomorrow.

Hope everything is smoother sailing this week. :)

Amy - Park City Girl said...

GREAT first finish!! I planted this weekend too - but not as much stuff :)

elizabeth said...

it's great! I love it! I really love the green backing with the orange binding!
And congrats on your garden, I feel the same way, that I don't know what I'm oing, but Paul does so it must be okay, right? haha! Can't wait to see those tiny orange tomatoes.

amy smart said...

Great quilt! It is so cute - I love the orange binding.

And I LOVE homegrown tomatoes! YUM. Store bought tomatoes make me gag. My husband thinks I'm a tomato snob, and I heartily accept that title.

Sandrine said...

Your quilts looks fabulous, love the fabrics photo too! Good luck with my giveaway;)
Sandrine x

Kay said...

Love your quilt looks gorgeous! It's so satisfying pulling it out of the dryer for the first time isn't it? Good stuff :o)