Monday, May 11, 2009

Good show, bad show

The Bird Festival I participated in on Saturday I didn't do very well. Remember the bird shirts I made? To give you an idea of how crazy I am, I made 57 of them :) and sold 3! No matter, I did awesome at Piper and Chloe! Now I have a ton of bird shirts to sell!

It wasn't all bad, this peacock was my neighbor all day.

And Casey came to visit with the girls and we ate yummy empanadas :)

And I had alot of time to read The Gentle Art of Domesticity.

Now that those shows are over and I don't have to prepare much for my next few shows, I can clean all the piles of crap that have accumulated in my house. And arrange the flowers Mr. Fern gave me for Mother's Day.
I hope you had a nice Mother's Day!


Whosies said...

yippee and waaa all in one. i seem to have lost out on the piper and chloe one. didn't turn things in on time :( was a good mothers day for me too.