Sunday, May 31, 2009

Patchwork pillowcase dress

The other day I won all these squares of colorfulness, and a cute quilt pattern from Whosies and Whatnots. Thanks Becky!
She lives really close and left them on my doorstep yesterday morning.
I was looking at the squares last night wondering what to make with them, first I was going to make a baby quilt, so I sewed all of the squares together, then I got thinking this would make a really cute dress. It just happened that it was the exact size I needed to make Jade a dress!
So, Patchwork Pillowcase dress it is! I think that it will forever be the most time consuming pillowcase dress I will ever make :) It took longer to sew all the patches together then to make it into a dress. I love how it turned out, and Jade was excited, she is always the first one to wake up, so I left it on the floor with a little note for her to find this morning :)
I took a few pictures of her in it, but settled on this one because it shows her missing two front teeth!


Whosies said...

oh, my goodness i love it!!! i so didn't think of doing that or maybe i would have kept them. lol.

kathleen said...

awww. . . such cuteness . . .the dress, your daughter and her smile! :)

g said...

oh man - I wish someone would leave a cute little patchwork dress on the floor for me to find in the morning when I wake up! I agree with kathleen wholeheartedly...cute dress, cute girly, cute smile :)