Wednesday, June 17, 2009

cherry muffins and a cute dresser

Oh. My. Goodness. These muffins are delish! I just ate three of them for breakfast, yummy!
I scoured the internet for recipes and this one seemed rather tasty, and now I am wondering why I have never had a cherry muffin before, I think they are my favorite.

Yesterday the kids went with Grandpa and Grandma to the zoo and the park. So Casey and I went to lunch at the Paradise Cafe which is delish, everything is good there although I think my favorite is to get a quiche for breakfast, which we do on occasion. After our delish sandwiches (mine was a Chicken artichoke panini) We headed to Salt Lake to hit some fun second hand and antique shops. One of my finds was this cute little dresser, luckily it fit where I wanted it to go.
My three girls share a small bedroom in which on one side of the room is a bunk bed, which is on the left hand side of the picture. Then on the other side is Sage's mattress that hangs out on the floor, which the kid's love because it makes for good jumping :) There is a small space in between the beds that now the cute dresser lives. Besides that there is only room for a dresser, which is at the foot of Sage's bed on the right and then there are clothing rods that are hung on the wall at the foot of the bunkbed with just enough space to get down off the bed. (no closet, my house is 92 years old, they didn't build closets then) Anyways, after that lengthy explanation, the dresser we had has five drawers and Sage has only had one of those and her stuff is not fitting in it anymore hence the reason for buying this cute dresser. She was so excited to have her own dresser.

I did have to clean it up a bit and I lined the bottom of the drawers with some vintage contact paper, isn't it cute? As I am typing this, Sage is putting all her things in her dresser with the help of her sisters, too cute!


craft chica said...

Cherry muffins are really good with white chocolate in them too!

MLE said...

How cute are those drawers!

Whosies said...

what you need my friend is a triple bunk. i will have to try the cherry muffins. sound good, look good. mmm