Friday, June 26, 2009

Do mosquitos ever keep you up at night?

Last night Casey went to bed a bit before I did. When I got in bed, I was laying there and Casey starts scratching all over, swatting the air, and slapping his face. I observed this behavior for a few minutes, then I asked if he was awake and if he was okay. He said that there was a mosquito that was biting him and buzzing in his ear. He got up, put anti-itch cream all over and came back to bed. We lay there for ohhh, a good half hour in which I finally started hearing said mosquito. During this time Casey covered himself entirely in the sheet with his face poking out, kindof amusing. Casey had had enough and jumped out of bed declaring that he was wide awake because of this damn mosquito (yes I just typed damn) All I could do was laugh and tell him that the mosquito found him to be delicious. He ran to find our electric bug swatter pictured above, and started swatting it everywhere a bit violently at 1:13 this morning. I was hysterically laughing, he killed the mosquito and we went to sleep, finally :)

Yesterday I decided to make a baby quilt, I just have to finish hand sewing the binding down. It was a rather satisfying project that used up a good amount of my stash for one project, I see more of these in the future, next time will be a boy one.

I'm always telling my husband that I am not going to make anymore fabric purchases, easier said than done, especially when I have mula I made from the farmer's market :)
Here is a bad picture of some recent fabric purchases, no sun here today, it's seriously been raining so much here, we'll get like a day or two of sun and then it starts raining again, it feels more like a really rainy April then June.

I'm really loving the bird cage fabric from Laura Gunn
and I seriously splurged on the Japanese fabric on the right, how could I resist fabric with button cards printed on it? I purchased it here.
Kay, I just checked to make sure I linked it right and now there is more cute stuff that wasn't there when I made my purchase! Why does that darn japanese fabric have to be so cute?

I hope you are having a nice day and that the mosquitos won't keep you awake at night :)


Anonymous said...

why?!!! why does the world need mosquitos?!!

Anonymous said...

That bug swatter looks like fun but not at 1 am. I love the Lantern Bloom collection. If I see it, I may not be able to resist either.