Wednesday, July 22, 2009


A vintage skirt


A crochet dog


My home (please just ignore the fact that there are weeds)

This is the color it was when we bought it, the lady that lived here before us must have LOVED purple because we painted over purple walls, pulled purple wallpaper borders down, and almost all the flowers that she had planted were purple. Oh and please ignore my multi colored columns, those were also that way when we bought the house :) I should paint those.

Day 6 of colour week at My Crafty Mess.


elizabeth said...

I really like the columns! And that skirt of course!

( haha! the word verification for the comment is "wedelish". Hahah! We delish!)


Great House! and there is just something about violet, purples, lilacs, Kx

amylouwho said...

Do you live in the Avenues? That looks like the houses there! So cute!