Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Onion rings and crafting

We bought the largest onion I have ever seen before in my life, at the Farmer's market last week and made these delish onion rings, my children now tell me we have to make onion rings every week they were soooo good, so much better homemade!

I haven't been posting much because there has been an intense amount of sewing and crafting going on at our house. I made these suitcases yesterday, I love them! I have also been sewing up a storm getting ready for Craft Lake City this Saturday!

I am not the only one being crafty either. Look at these cute dolls! They look sorta Nightmare before Christmas-ish, the one on the left is a worm, too cute! We have a very large craft box for the kids, the past couple of days that is all they have been doing is crafting. I just get that box out and let them go! It is amazing to me the things they come up with all by themselves.
That box has been a great babysitter for me while I am super busy this week.


Kitten's Lost Her Mittens said...

Cute, cute suitcases! Such a great idea. And the button eyes on your daughters' dolls make me think of Coraline!