Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Spark Part 2

Here is the first post I did about SPARK. I know it took me forever to get this posted, I was busy :) I have even had these pictures ready to go since my first post. But I wanted to share more about SPARK because it was awesome! This was my swag bag and let me tell you there was a ton of great swag!

Here is the contents: lots of fun scrapbooking supplies, scissors, adhesives, a fun pendant, just alot of fun things!

The first day of Spark I was teaching my little class for the majority of the day. The second day, I got to go to four different classes. This picture is of the things from the Remember your spark class. A cute fabric album and lots of yummy things to play with!

From the feel your spark class, we did embellishing t-shirts, I made a whole bunch of these cute flowers.

The capture your spark class, we learned about photography and got a cool lens to play with.

The gather your spark class, we made necklaces about ourselves. I didn't have time to finish mine, and sadly still haven't, hmm.. I need to get on that.
And here is the link you if want to learn about who taught each class.

Other fun goodies we were given.

Here's a closer look at the Spark charm everyone received, so cute!

And here is a fun little video about Spark that the Spark gals had done, if you watch close you may see me!

SPARK from Jmills ENT. Jeremy Miller on Vimeo.


Catherine said...

Love those fabric rosettes. Have you done anything with them yet?? Sounds like some fun classes.

Jessica said...

Those classes look like they were really fun.
I found your blog through Dana's. I love all that you've created. I also have a etsy shop and blog. You should check it out.


Whosies said...

i saw, i saw!!! wow- looks like a bunch of fun. just a bit jealous.