Friday, February 12, 2010

Little Letters

Dear Casey,
I am sorry that I am a crazy person when it is that time of the month. I don't mean to be and I am embarrassed at the way that I can act. Please forgive me.

Dear Fabricworm,
Thank you for having a 10% off sale so that I can fill up my cart with yummy fabric.

Dear Birthday Cash,
Thank you for letting me get some more fabric, because we all know that I really don't have enough :)

Dear Sage,
I can't wait until you ask me to play UNO today. I think we have played UNO every day for the past week or more :)

Dear Kitchen faucet,
Could you just fix yourself, please? Pretty please?

Dear knitting,
I don't think I have knitting skills. You are harder than I thought you would be, I will keep practicing though.

Dear leftover vegetarian fettucine,
I am going to eat the rest of you for lunch today, YUM!

Dear Spring,
I am ready for you, can you just come now?


Sarah Pead said...

Loved this post! :)

Lauren said...

These letters could be written by me. I think spouses of people who quilt/craft are extra nice/understanding of crafter mood swings. And I also want spring to come, like, yesterday.

Wendy said...

I really agree with that last one... Especially since it started SNOWING here AGAIN a couple of hours ago.
In the South!
Where it almost NEVER snows!

..but i just *know* my daffodil bulbs are under that snow, sleeping peacefully, waiting, waiting...


lori marie said...

hi you! such a cute post:)


JoLyn said...

It was so fun to learn to knit with you. Good luck on yours...I think mine is starting to go triangular!

amy said...

dear amy,
your cookie post was a dream come true. i made them this weekend and they were SOOOO good. haven't seen you in awhile. hope all is well.

Katie said...

sooo....I was thinkin'. You should totally do another craft/sewing supply swap. That would be super cool. Just sayin'