Tuesday, March 23, 2010

little letters

Dear blog,
Sorry I have neglected you this past week, I have had other things on my mind, plus our computer has been in for it's cleaning.

Dear finances,
could you please get yourself in order so I don't have to stress?

Dear health of mine,
I hate that you gave me a scare two Thursdays ago and I had to go to the doctor and get blood drawn for a whole bunch of tests. And I hate that I now have to take thyroid medicine again. LAME! (although I guess that helps explain why I haven't been feeling myself)

Dear Kinsley, Jade and Sage,
You girls make me giggle. I loved hanging out as a family yesterday. My fave part of the day was when we were in Victoria's Secret and Sage said " look at the butt crack underwear" Then I found out I have children that are not afraid to touch the mannequin butt. I couldn't stop laughing. Then I couldn't help but to call you mannequin butt touchers. Apparently you girls had a thing for mannequins yesterday because at Old Navy you girls also said the headless mannequins wouldn't talk to you. Silly silly girls.

Dear list of things I need to get done for shows,
Could you just get yourself finished? Please? I'm tired.

Dear dinner,
Would you like to make yourself?

Dear weather,
I am so happy that you are starting to turn warmer. Even though Utah springs are crazy and it is warm one day and snowing the next. I can still see things starting to bloom and the sun has been shining more, it makes me happy.

Dear Casey,
I am so glad that even though your little hunting trip that was planned for over the weekend was cancelled that you still took Friday and Monday off so that we could have a long weekend together. And thanks for taking me to breakfast at Denny's on Friday after we took the kids to school so that I could order Moons over my hammy. And playing Doctor Mario with me even though you hate it because I kick your trash at it :)


Rosie said...

These little letters totally made me smile!!!

matchgirl said...

I LOVE moons over my hammy! I get that every time. day or night.

amylouwho said...

i wish I'd been in victoria's secret to see that! too funny!