Monday, May 10, 2010

Little letters

Dear rain,
you were here last night and when I stepped outside to take my kids to school, everything was beautiful and clean.

Dear Beehive Bazaar,
I was so happy to be a part of you and I am sortof in shock at what a success you were for me.
That being said, now I am ready for a break :)

Dear home,
Now that I have time to do something other than sew, sew, sew, I will make you nice and tidy.
I think it's time for a little spruce up too. It is time for new rugs and to hang new art, maybe even some painting.

Dear garden,
I keep looking at you out the window and I need to get to you soon too.

Dear Casey,
Thanks for the new video camera for Mother's Day, I am excited!

Dear Kinsley, Jade, and Sage,
Thanks for being my daughters, I love you all so much.

Dear blog,
I really am trying to get back to this space more often.

Dear cooking and baking,
I have missed you lately, I really want to try and cook things like I use to. Some things I miss that I haven't cooked in awhile are: Egg rolls and tempura vegetables, homemade noodles, and I miss experimenting with new foods.

Dear quilting bees,
I will get caught up on you soon too, I have been a slacker.



Cindy Rutledge said...

Congratulations on a successful show! Not surprising to me. I check your blog regularly and you inspire me. Take care of yourself!

Roxane said...

I loved the Beehive Bazaar and bought about ten things from your spot. I gave them to my daughter and her little girls. I loved everything you had there. SOOO cute!