Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Cupcake invitations

I promised my girls this summer we would have a cupcake party and they could each invite two friends. Because a cupcake party would be fun and because I don't do birthday parties with friends, we do them with family. Anyways, these are the invites, I cut the cupcakes out of fabric and just sewed them down and then added a lace ruffle.
I think the party planning is alot of the fun. I've been gathering fun little things for favors, and I have all the supplies I need to make each girl an apron. I have fun cupcake liners. I need to find some cupcake boxes so each girl can take home some cupcakes they decorate. I need to take a visit to see my friend who still works at the bakery I worked at for nine years so I can find some cute cupcake decorations. Fun, fun!


Sarah Pead said...

So adorable! I love these!

Natalie said...

Such cute invitations and what a cute idea to have a cupcake party! I love them! I occasionally stop over to your blog to check out what you have! Cute, Cute! I was reading and curious why you don't do friends at birthday parties for your kids??


dana said...

These are darling Amy!