Tuesday, September 21, 2010


This is a picture of my girls in 2006, Kinsley was 6, Jade was 4, and Sage was 2, holy crap they are tiny, but oh so cute. I love this picture.
So, today I have been thinking, I have a lot more time to do that thinking thing now that all my kids go to school all day long.
When I worked full time and had to wake up super early to get to work by 6 am, I feel like I accomplished more in my day. The past few years that I have not had to work outside our home I have gotten into this habit of waking up later and sometimes not even getting ready for the day until after I eat lunch. Not that I don't accomplish things in my pajamas, but I think I get more done when I get ready early in the morning, and I think I feel happier too, instead of feeling like some blob.
Today, was a day that I woke up at 7 am, immediately jumped in the shower, eat breakfast, got the kid's lunches ready, got the kids to school. Then there I was all ready to start my day. I really can't believe how much I got accomplished today and I feel so happy about it.
So here's my list of things I did today, in order even:
*finished up a batch of onesies and dishcloths
*picked a large bowl of raspberries
*did the dishes
*straightened up the kitchen
*loaded up the van to set up a craft show (I'm not gonna lie, it's kindof a workout)
*fixed myself some lunch
*went and set up the craft show (another workout)
*picked up the kids from school
*played on the Internet for a bit (alot less than usual, which was good), while eating a delish bowl of garden tomatoes with cottage cheese. (my dinner)
*made dinner for the kids, I will admit today was easy dinner, Casey wasn't home for dinner, he has been having SUPER long days at work this week, so I wasn't going to cook some elaborate meal just to have maybe two of us not complain about it.
*helped my girls with homework
*cleaned up after dinner
*swept the kitchen floor
*made two loaves of banana nut bread, with agave nectar instead of sugar, which is now the second time I have made it that way and it is wonderful and Casey can eat it being a diabetic :)
(agave nectar is my friend)
*cleaned up after making banana bread (for me that is two different things, making and cleaning up, both don't always happen at the same time :) )
*put my girls to bed, said prayers, gave loves
* cleaned up a few random bits of things about the house
*did some laundry
*now I am back on the computer blogging
*also, still waiting for Casey to come home from work, poor man, he left for work at 7 this morning, and right this second it is 10:43 pm. Want to know the worst part? He is payed salary, not hourly, oh the joys of having a hard working husband who is in management :)
Have you had enough of my ramblings on about what I accomplished today?
Basically today I remembered that I love waking up early and I love being busy all day long, it makes me happy. So I think I'll do it again tomorrow :)
Edited to add: as soon as I hit publish post Casey walked in the door :)


Kitten's Lost Her Mittens said...

Sounds like a productive day! I love early-start, busy days, too. Makes me feel good!