Tuesday, September 28, 2010

thrifting, fabric, and a new bag

I continue to go thrifting on Mondays and I keep finding awesome things. Yesterday it was a never been used vintage towel and the cutest tablecloth. I got all excited when I saw the tablecloth, I love the big flowers and the colors.

Here are some recent fabric purchases. I snatched up some of Anna Maria Horner's innocent crush, I love, love, love the star burst print. Those bird cages are from JoAnn's.
I have been having a crush on gingham lately and found the grey and tangerine colors and had to have it.

I was near IKEA yesterday and had a bit of extra time so I went in to check out the fabrics and found this wood grain fabric, and some cute placemats to repurpose.

I was excited and made up a couple bags like this with the placemats last night.
They are kinda funky and I love it. The back of the bag is the same stripe as the handle. I originally was going to leave it kinda plain, and then decided it needed a little embellishment, so I made a flower pin to put on it.
Now, I am off to cut out new bags as I have aquired a new pile of upholstery fabrics (for free I might add!) And I am so happy to have my sewing mojo back!


Kim's Treasures said...

I'm loving tangarine and gray too, along with anything turquoise. Your bag is super cute! Love your thrifty finds, too, I went today and found notta.

Juliab said...

The bags you have been making are fantastic and I just love the Ikea wood grain fabric. Ikea in the UK don't appear to have that fabric in stock, as far as I can tell. Will have to investigate further. Glad you got your sewing mojo back - mine has left the building, but that might have something to do with having nowhere to sew at the moment - we are decorating. Can't wait to get the house back in order.