Friday, February 25, 2011

This week

Remember this scrappy table runner? Well, it's been sitting patiently waiting to be used, and I just haven't used it so I decided to list it in my shop. I am quite happy with my shop as of late, I have it well stocked and I have been selling a few things which is has been helping out with our finances a bit :) I am very grateful for all who have been making purchases.

Yesterday I was working on upcycling some ties, I had some bits left and decided to make some hair bows with them, here are some of my faves. I think they are so cute!

Currently, I have about 6 different projects in the works, does anyone else do this? They are not small projects either, they are very large batches of things. I think I get stuff cut out and then I am sick of it and have to move on to something else until I feel like going back to a project.
Here's what I have going at the moment:
receiving blankets
kid's aprons
girl's bags
tie necklaces
dish towels

And as I said they are in large quantities :) Sometimes I think I am crazy.

Now onto another subject. I have been finding myself enjoying cooking again. Once upon a time before I decided to turn my sewing hobby into a business, I use to cook wonderfully delish and healthy meals. Participating in Bountiful Baskets has helped me to do that again and I am loving it! Plus, we get to sometimes try new things that we may not have tried by ourselves.
This last week some of the new things I tried were: Mangoes (I don't know why I had never tried a fresh mango before, YUM!) and we also got to try sunchokes, we had them in a stir fry and I quite enjoyed them, to me they sortof taste something like a carrot and a water chestnut.

This weekend I hope to get some projects finished, maybe drag Casey to a Diabetic Expo, and just hang out with my family.
I hope you have a nice weekend!


Julie said...

Mangoes! YUMMM!!! All three of my kids, and my husband and I love them... but the funny thing is, my middle guy eats mangoes, but not peaches... they have similar texture... very strange; but then who really knows what's going on in a kids' head when he sits down to eat????

Tricia said...

I have several sets of projects waiting to be worked on as well: baby booties, changing pads, purses, skirts, ect. Someday I'll finish them up.

I still have my sunchokes waiting for me in the fridge. I better use them up soon.

Elissa said...

ooooh! i ADORE that table runner.