Tuesday, February 22, 2011

A wardrobe for a doll

Kinsley's birthday was over the weekend. One of the things she requested was clothes for her American Girl doll. I decided she would also need somewhere to put all those clothes, so I modge podged a thrifted train case for her.

Not all the thrifted train cases I have found still have their little tray, this one did, it was perfect for shoes and accessories.

And the clothes fit perfect underneath.

I ended up buying a few things that I didn't want to make or couldn't make myself.

I ended up making two dresses. My favorite being the one on the right, I used a whole bunch of vintage lace and ribbons.

I made three different skirts, these were so much fun for me. Then I made a headband and a couple hair clips. And a bag with a little wallet.
I had to make myself stop making things, it was so much fun, and to see her face when she opened it up was priceless :)


Nikole said...

This is entirely too cute! I love that little owl fabric - I have some in a different colorline, and it is one of my daughter's faves.

I recently thrifted a sweet little train case, and it is still a big grubby, even after lots of cleaning. I love your idea of dressing it up! She already plays with it all the time, but this will make it extra special. Thanks for the inspiration!

Catherine said...

What a lovely gift for your daughter to treasure! Love what you did to the train case which has given me ideas on what to do with 2 old suitcases I rescued from my parents garage.

Anonymous said...

How precious! Priceless, one of a kind gift. Have you considered adding these as items to stock in your shop and at your craft shows?

Whosies said...

what a bunch of cuteness! love the case, but the aprons and skirts are the best. bet she loved it.

[Lovely by M] Michelle said...

This is absolutely darling. The train suit case is so so cute. What a lucky little girl.

Du said...

It's very beautiful!
I see you.

Eliza said...

I just happen to be in love with the fabrics you used for the skirts. Where did you get them?