Monday, February 7, 2011

Weekend happenings

We had a lovely weekend. I participated in Art Market on Friday. I purchased that cute owl in my valentines tree. Jeni Gochnour made it, isn't it so cute?!

I love it! It's the whole reason I even decorated for Valentines day :)
After I came home with my cute owl, I went outside and found a branch to hang him on.
Then I wrapped snippets of yarn around some of the branches and made some heart ornaments out of a felted wool sweater. I put the branch in a cute French lemonade bottle with some rice for some more weight.

The deer, oh the deer! I found these at a secondhand shop near my mother in laws house a couple weekends ago and painted them this teal blue color. I love them, the lady that owned the store said they were from the 1950's.

Look at the back of my owl, and those stripey straw legs! So, so cute!

Other weekend happenings:
On Saturday, Casey went to his Mom's house to help her with some things, the girls went with him too, so I had the majority of the day to myself to happily work on sewing projects. I cut out over 40 kid's aprons and over 40 girl's purses. Is it sad that I had more than enough fabric on hand to do so?

I turned 31 years old
We woke up late for church yesterday, Casey declared that it was my birthday and we were going to head up to Park City. So, Casey made us some lunch, then we headed to Park City where we found some cute striped cardigans and cute denim vests for the girls for a super deal.
I purchased the cutest floral cardigan that I have had my eye on at Old Navy, lucky for me it was 1/2 off. Have I mentioned before that I have quite the extensive cardigan collection? I have a weakness for them :) We also went to the World Market, I love that place, we always pick some yummy treats when we go there.
After Park City we went to my parents house where we had strawberry shortcake, yum!
Tonight we get to go to dinner for my birthday at Rainbow Gardens, I'm excited, it's yummy!

I hope you had a lovely weekend!


Rebecca@This Present Life said...

Happy Birthday! It sounds like you had a lovely weekend! And the owl is totally worth decorating for Valentine's day. So cute!

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday! Love owls and that one is too cute. Congrats on the sewing progress - I have quite a stash myself. You'll definitely be ready for Midway Swiss Days at the rate you're going.

Whosies said...

happy birthday amy!!! that is a yummy place! i soo love the owl and i miss having my stuff for sale at art market..... hope it went well for you.

Sharon L said...

Happy, Happy Birthday!!! Sounds like you had a wonderful day. Love the deer!

* elizabeth * said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY! Sounds like a fab day. Those deer are too cute! And your tree is awesome!