Wednesday, May 11, 2011

little letters

Dear Spring,
I think you may finally almost be here, I am excited for warm sunny days.

Dear Pink Eye,
I would like to tell you that we haven't enjoyed your visit in our home, first it started with Sage, and then Jade got it because she would help Sage clean her eyes in the morning, and apparently didn't wash her hands well enough. (Jade is like a little Mom sometimes) I am so ready to not hear whining about hurting eyes.  I know it hurts and I feel really bad and wish I could just make it better.  But, I am super amazed how the body can heal itself using natural things instead of getting a prescription for something that isn't natural.  Flushing with colloidal silver, and using essential oils has been our friend these past few days, even if there may be a bit of resistance to it from the infected girls.

Dear lady at the school,
Yes, I have not taken my children to the doctor for their pink eye.  Yes you can get rid of pink eye without antibiotics, (gasp!).   Sage's eyes are pretty much all better and I sent her to school today.  I just don't feel like I need to run to the doctor for everything.  Of course doctor's and modern medicine have their place, but if I know that I can treat something minor without going to the doctor, I will do it, and it is my choice to do it, I feel like it is better for my family.  Thanks.

Dear laundry,
I don't know why but I haven't been able to catch up on you since I have been back from my trip with my Mom and sister's, ummmm... that was about 3 weeks ago.  I don't think that Mr. Pink Eye has helped any either, with all the millions of towels I have to keep washing.

Dear blog,
I have been neglecting you.  I haven't felt inspired to blog lately.  Hopefully soon.

Dear fabric piles in my room,
Would you like to tidy yourself up for me, and while your at it, maybe just build a room for yourself too?

Dear yard and garden,
You are a mess and I am not motivated to clean you up.

Dear pancakes with strawberries and whip cream,
You are pretty much my favorite breakfast.


Jenn said...

My mom is a nurse at the Moran Eye Center and what does she say about pink eye? Just wait it out. It isn't always bacterial and it clears up on its in the same amount of time as with antibiotics.
Gaping head wounds? Doctor.
Pink eye that may just be a virus? Meh, not so much with the doctor.

Nessa said...

Yep my husband is a pediatrician (fellow) and he thinks antibiotics are the devil and over prescribed. You are doing the best thing by just letting it get better. Go mama... I hate hate laundry right now - once you get behind it is so so hard to catch up.