Thursday, September 15, 2011

Bulk food is my friend

Does anyone else get as excited about bulk food as I do?
Especially the bulk food at Winco?
I want an entire store that just sells bulk food, that would be my favorite store ever.
Casey says I am a freak about the bulk food at Winco :)
Is it just me?
Maybe I'm just a dork.


Pattie said...

I love food in bulk since I come from a family of seven children. But downgrading to just three mouths to feed is very different. (no more tubs of rice)I like the international farmers market, it is crazy the amount of food they sell (and the awesome prices)!

nichole said...

i was totally coming here just to grab your email address until I read this post... my husband is the same way. LOVES winco. especially the spices. when i say love i mean i can get a little jealous....

just a quick question... we are trying to decide if we do oh sweet sadie holiday show. any thoughts? i saw your fun stuff at the last one and was wondering how it went? thanks!

Alison F. said...

LOVE bulk food! Not to mention it's sooo much cheaper!! I actually just left Whole Foods with some stuff :o)