Saturday, March 15, 2008

Our families new Jewel rewards!

So I ran across this exciting idea, I say exciting because my husband and I are so excited about it, and when we sat our three girls down and explained it they are just as excited as we are. It is a reward system that I think is going to make our house a happier place. Not that it is an unhappy place, but we have three very stubborn girls, and I think this is going to make things run much smoother around our home. Plus I think it is going to teach our children about responsibility and saving for things they would like. We adapted it to our family which is what you could do to, I just think it is an awesome idea. So this is where I found it, My happy little life.

My kids also had fun picking whatever fabric they wanted to cover the lid of their jewel jar and to make a tag with their initial on it.

And I think the big jar of "jewels" is just cute, we are going to put all these jars somewhere in the kitchen where the kids can see them.


Rebekah said...

That is such a cute idea.

Skye Rocket Sews said...

Hiya,Thanks for a lovely comment on my blog!I love your sewing,really loving the grey owl bag in your etsy shop.
Nice to meet you and I'll pop back to check what you and yours are up to.

kelly mccaleb said...

it's working so awesome around here- how's it going with you guys?