Monday, April 7, 2008

A Crafty Project

I was at Anthropologie this weekend and saw these picture frames, I loved them! As with a lot of things, I think, I could make that! This would be a really easy project, even for kids. Here's what you would need: A frame ( you can get them at the craft store for a few dollars)
Mod Podge
Some fabric scraps

First I would gather the fabric scraps you would like on your frame and decide how you want to place them on your frame, or you could even just wing it as you go along. So you would basically paint a section of your frame with the mod podge, then place your fabric piece down, then you could even paint the mod podge over the fabric, and continue doing this until you have the whole frame covered. Then if needed you could trim off all around the edges. Let dry. If this were my frame, I would spray it with a coat of clear finish in matte, just to protect it. Easy Peasy!


Kindra said...

That looks like a fun project! They are so cute!