Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Tuesday is Etsy Day plus some ramblings

I recently ran across this shop on etsy called wildewear. I am just drooling over everything. I haven't purchased anything yet, I don't know how long I will be able to hold out. They have everything from dresses to skirts, tops, shrugs, they also do custom fit items! They are a bit pricier then I am used to paying for clothes, but if you check around on etsy, they are very reasonable for something that is handmade!
When I was in High School people thought I was weird for how I dressed. I was a hippie/artsy girl, I wore a lot of vintage clothing that I had found thrift shopping or that a good friend would find in her mother's stash in the basement. Most of the dresses I wore to dances were vintage and what I thought was way cool. (I wish I still had them!) Back then it wasn't the coolest at least by everyone elses views. Now vintage is so in, it makes me laugh! For the past few years I have dressed I'd say a bit more conservative like, lately I have found myself reverting back to wanting to be kindof funky! I think dressing more conservative was easier for me with little tiny kids, I didn't really have to think about what to wear, because for the most part everything in my closet matched each other. It takes more time to dress like my funky self! But I have been having fun with it, and I have felt a bit more like myself. Like I've found a piece of myself that was lost for a while in the midst of child birth, nursing, diapers, crying, and all the other things that come with raising children. I loved my children as babies, but I feel like I am a better mother as they get older. And I feel like I have the time to be me again!
Today is the last day to sign up for the giveaway! Scroll down a bit to find it!


Shana said...

Oh, I also wish I had my vintage dresses from high school! I was also the strange one in a 50's frock during the late 90's! I can't believe how much sewing you did over the weekend! I finished a baby dress..I guess I'll get to more when baby is bigger! I am having trouble finding clothes as a new mom everything gets covered in goop, nice sweaters are a dream these days as well as one piece dresses b/c of breast feeding!

Becky said...

i have been eyeing the bird pillow you have listed on etsy. check out my blog and scroll down to my bed. do you think it could go in the center? i need one there and haven't found anything.if it wouldn't can you do me one? i am still working on the pocket people....yay

Heather said...

I can completely relate to that-- I have felt before that a part of "me" went into hiding when I had kids. It is nice to remember who we were before kids and who we really are still. I really look forward to seeing you at the upcoming boutiques. I might have you make me a boy apron- my son loves to cook with me. I will let you know (you do the kid aprons too, right?).