Monday, April 21, 2008

My weekend projects

I accomplished quite a bit this weekend. I made a mini quilt as part of my youngest daughter's birthday present. It was my first attempt at actually quilting something. In the past I have just tied my quilts. Who knows if I did it right, I just went by what I have read online. I think it turned out pretty cute though! I had a return customer, and writer of the blog Stephmodo request some shirts for her cute daughter. So after I made those (which she posted about on her blog), I had a request for one so I made up a whole bunch of them ( 26 to be exact). Aren't they the sweetest? I was going to make different styles than just the birds, then decided to make it easy on myself and just do the birds, anyways every time I make something with a bird on it, it sells.

This weekend I also did some much needed housework, hours and hours of it. And I still have more to do, I have been neglecting housework lately, I can't do that anymore, it drives me nuts! I have been in the spring cleaning mood I guess because I want to go through everything and get rid of stuff, after I get all my craft shows done I'm having a yard sale/craft show. Getting money for my unwanted stuff is the best!

On another note, my husband likes to play his music for the kids, and all three of my girls rock out to it, this weekend my 4 year old was singing Dirty deeds done dirt cheap by AC/DC, it was too funny! Oh the innocence!


MSM said...

That quilt is ADORABLE!

I've never quilted my own either (tied them or had someone do it for me), but I want to try.

elizabeth said...

It came out great! and the tees are awesome.