Thursday, April 24, 2008

Thrift finds of the week

Here are my thrift finds for the week. I am addicted to thrifting, I may have to eventually add my thrift finds to my etsy store. I actually passed on the coolest find this week because I couldn't think of what to do with it, it was an old wrought iron railing piece that had been painted teal and it was all weathered. I'm sure one day I will think of the most perfect thing I could have used it for, oh well! I don't really have anywhere to put it for now, so someone else will find it!

So this week I found some really cool sheets, and five sets of vintage handkerchiefs still in their packaging. Each package had 2 hankies in it, so that's 10! I have a really cool idea for them, I am somehow going to use them as part of shirts for my girls. I even have ideas of how to reuse part of the packaging! Then I found three slips, the black one is my favorite, it is vintage, I am very happy that it fit me perfectly! These I am going to use to make myself some slip dresses. I will play show and tell when I get them done, I am too excited for this project! This whole week has been exciting for me with all the projects I have ran across that I want to do. Do you get as excited about creating new things as me? I feel like a little kid, I'm so excited. Anyways I need to go create now!


Dana said...

Oh what great finds! Love the slip dress thing -- I have done that before. So fun. I REALLY love the sheet! I want it bad!! :)