Sunday, July 20, 2008


We are back from our much needed vacation, we had tons of fun, all got sunburned, despite all the sunblock, and now are glad to be home in our own beds.
This water is so beautiful, there are actually turquise mineral deposits in the water that make it this color.

Kinsley likes to rock out like her Dad!
And how could we be at Bear Lake and not have a picture with a bear?
Our last night there, we went to the Pickleville Playhouse and saw Chuck Wagon's Wild West Show, we had never taken our kids to anything like this before, and man was it fun, the kids were all so into it, I even caught Jade dancing in her seat at one point.
I should also mention that Bear Lake is famous for its fresh raspberries, (which happen to be my favorite fruit), so of course we consumed many a raspberry shake, and my favorite,
chocolate dipped raspberries! YUM!
It was quite a fun-filled week!


elizabeth said...

It looks liek a blast. I can't wait until the boys are big enough for real family vacations!