Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Vintage Sheet Swap

I participated in a vintage sheet swap hosted by Elizabeth of Oh, Fransson!
I sent in 58 fat quarters (I know that's a lot!) And in return got 58 fat quarters, how fun! I was so excited when I received my box, Kinsley and I opened up each fat quarter and admired and caressed them. Here are some of my favorite ones and the cute little card that Elizabeth sent with it, she had over 70 people participate, what alot of work!

Aren't they all so beautiful? I will be making some quilts out of some of them, and am undecided what else I will be making from them, any ideas?


elizabeth said...

Oh MY! I am incredibly jealous! Those are all SOOOO beautiful!

elizabeth said...

I just looked closer and I def. have one of those!