Monday, September 15, 2008

High School Musical

For Family Home Evening we went with my Family to this.

I should also mention that my youngest sister Erica was in it.

She played Gabriella.

Here she is (if you can see past my daughter's head) signing autographs for little girls, so cute!

We had so much fun, and my Sister sings AWESOME! (No wonder she got one of the lead parts!)

She actually tried out for American Idol when auditions were here a month or so ago, she didn't make it, but I guess it was quite the experience.

I'm hoping there will be future performances, as I think this has been a good thing for her!

Plus, it's fun to go see her perform!


KJ said...

Hi Amy, remember me? I'm co-editing over at and have featured your etsy shop for tomorrow, Wednesday the 17th. Go check it out! I hope you are pleased.

elizabeth said...

That sounds like a great night!
I tagged you for a six quirks meme! Details at my blog.