Sunday, September 14, 2008

My famous children

My Dad owns his own business making popsicles called Pace Bars, that you can find in the grocery stores in Utah. About a month ago, my Dad had my girls go for a photo shoot with his popsicles for an advertising thing called Utah's Own. They had so much fun, they were giggling the whole time, they were awesome little models. My husband and I were at the fair yesterday, eating dinner, I was looking around seeing all these Utah's Own posters, then I wondered if the one with my girls was anywhere, we found it! This cute older couple was sitting by it, so we explained that it was our children in the picture so that they didn't think we were too crazy for taking a picture of it. (although I still think they thought we were) My kid's think that they are famous, it's too cute!
My Dad is supposed to be getting a disc with all the pictures that were taken on it, when we get them, I will share some more, cause they were pretty cute.
Sorry, the picture is pretty small, it was taken with my phone, I tried to enlarge it, but it just made it blurry, you at least get the idea!

I should also add, it was about 8:30 in the morning when these pictures were taken, I think my kids were very happy to be eating popsicles for "breakfast".