Monday, September 22, 2008


I was tagged by Elizabeth at My Crafty Mess for a 6 quirks meme.
6 quirky, boring, unspectacular things about myself:

1* When I get nervous or have anxiety, I bite the inside of my cheeks.
2* There are a few things that I would never want to eat at a restuarant or anywhere else but my own home (don't ask me why, I don't know) Spaghetti and milk are the main ones.
3* I can't eat just a banana, I can eat it in different forms (smoothies, bread, muffins, cut up in a fruit salad) But I can't eat it just by itself. When I was pregnant, for some reason I would chew my food more, so when I would eat a banana, it would turn to mush and make me gag. Ever since, no more plain bananas.
4* The only fish or seafood that I can eat is mild white fish like Tilapia, little shrimp(not big ones), and crab. Anything else just tastes like the sea to me, blah!
5* The longest time period that I can drive for is about an hour, then I start falling asleep.
I also hate driving at night, especially when it is raining.
6* Give me the most complicated question about something like math or finances or something that maybe not alot of people can understand very well, and I can give you the answer, but I can get confused by something really simple and stupid, like a joke.

I'm supposed to pass this onto six other people, but I am in a lazy mood lately, so if you want to participate, just comment and let me know!


elizabeth said...

I have things I never eat out either.